Mannequins & Mimes

Are they alive ?..... which one is ?..... as we watch them looking for a sign of life , a twitch in a muscle the blink of an eye , a slight smile , which one is alive. Watch them carefully what are they tying to communicate to us. I have seen the twinkle in the eye , the slight smile in return for ours , observe them with respect and it will be returned in kind . They spend there lives entertaining us and trying to communicate with us , are we listening. Listen and observe them in silence and we may learn what they have to say.

                                 Listen ! .....

The Camera

The camera doesn't make a bit of difference. All of them can record what you  

are seeing. But you have to SEE. 

Ernst Haas


What i like about photograph's is that they capture a moment that's gone forever, impossible to reproduce.

Karl Lagerfeld

The Last Show

The multiplex and the mega mall have replaced main street in most of our towns.  As I travel across America I pass through small towns where the local theater on main street is closed or being used for other purposes or being torn down.  I have put together a set of photographs of these grand old palaces, in the hope that we can all remember the days in our lives when our parents dropped us off for the matinee while they shopped on main street, or the nights when we took our best date there.  Please always remember the grand old palaces that were once a staple in our lives.

Jim Mitchell


Jim Mitchell

In our busy lives with jobs, cell phones,road noise and life in general there is very little quiet. Silent is a series of photographs that take us to one of the last bastions of quiet spaces, the museum where silence and quiet contemplation is a way of life. I hope these photographs have the same calming effect on everyone that they do on me.

Jim Mitchell

Into the Night

Night time in the great cities of Europe is intriguing for the locals and the tourist alike. I believe that is the time that the city begins to come to life, the sun has gone down and the energy on the streets changes and intensifies. The mood of the people is different, the work day is over and real life begins. The photographs in this section of the site were taken over several years and nights, in some of my favorite cities in the world, Budapest, London, Paris and Prague.  Begin the journey into the night - it is the magic time.

Jim Mitchell

Carnival Color

This sequence of photographs were taken at carnivals in the U.S. and Europe, they have been processed to have a vintage appearance. The old carnivals are long gone and this is an attempt to relive them and remember their past glory.Things remembered are never lost and live forever.

Jim Mitchell


Carnival B&W

Jim Mitchell

This selection of photographs was taken to show the working side of the carnival. The side that we rarely see, we arrive when the lights are turned on and the fun begins not when the workers go about their daily tasks to prepare the midway for our arrival. The world is very different for the people who live and work this life. There are plenty of long hours, hard work and the constant living on the road from town to town, taking down and putting up the object of our desire. This is the black and white world of carnival life.

Jim Mitchell