Photographers frequently travel to distant lands to find themselves and to discover the life they think they should be living. Unfortunately and too often, they travel to record great pictures, but merely return home with nothing more then postcards of a far away land. True artists need to connect to their inner self to create and express the passion and emotion they feel in their work.  Whether it is painting , sculpting, a musical performance or a photographic image is irrelevant.  An artist's vision can take them everywhere, even if they are just sitting in their home.  I see what others casually walk by every day and wonder why they miss so much of the world around them.  I try to instill my passion in the images I create to help make order out of all the visual chaos. This helps me to find my center and a better understanding of the world around me.  Creating art is very much about evoking primal feelings from the viewer, so the closer I get to my work emotionally, hopefully the closer I get to you.  There is never the same response to art for everyone, but it should always touch on an emotional level common to us all.  My world is open to you.  What new and wonderful things will you see today ?

          Thank you Frank